Sunday, August 06, 2006

3 Masterful Techniques...You Can Also Try....

Italian waiters are masterful salesmen.. Here are three sales techniques I noted at a few of the restaurants - techniques that you might be able to apply to your business also:

1. Use the Assumptive Close

During one of my favorite meals, the waiter used the "assumptive close" while taking our order.. This is a sales technique that assumes you already intend to buy something.. For instance, I asked for a recommendation on appetizers, and he mentioned that a mushroom and tomato dish was excellent.. Then he started writing and talking at the same time, "One mushroom and tomato for the lady, and one for the gentleman.."

He went on like that with the pastas and entrees, assuming we'd have two of everything.. (He happened to be wrong, but I'm sure the restaurant does a whole lot more business as a result..)

2. Proclaim to Be the Best

After the meal, the show continued.. When describing the dessert menu, he said, "We have the world's best cheesecake and Europe's number one chocolate cake.."
Who gave the restaurant those honors..?? I'm sure no one.. They just say it.. But how could we pass up a chance to eat the world's best cheesecake..??

3. Provide an Extraordinary Experience

It's the experience and not the food that takes center stage.. We sat down at an outdoor cafe and had a glass of wine, while listening to a band playing classical Italian music.. We sipped our drinks and watched people mill about.. The bill..?? A jaw-dropping **.. We were charged for music and bread in addition to the outrageous cost of our beverages. But it was okay - because we realized that it was the experience we were paying for and not the drinks.