Sunday, July 16, 2006

What to Eat and What not to eat

All the religions are very particular about the food we eat,
they give clear advice wat to eat and wat not to eat.
Catholic church forbids meat on Friday,
Hindu religion prohibits meat on Tuessday.

Cow's meat is forbidden by the Hindu religion,
while it is allowed by many other religions.
Pork is forbidden by Islam,
but it is acceptable to many other than Islam.

A true Muslim never touches pork or wine,
some religions allow it and never mind.
Hindu religion is strict about the food we eat,
they know that as we eat, so our mind treats.

It recommends satvik and vegetarian diet,
even forbids onion, garlik and chilli in diet.
Because these foods excite the mind,
affect concentration and distract the mind.

"It is not important what goes into the mouth,
what is important is what comes out of the mouth."